6 refreshing summer beers for ale lovers

Why do beer aficionados look upon summertime with such affection? Among beer insiders, the changing of the seasons is all about seasonal beers, a recent revival that seems poised to catch on with the general public. Breweries all over are trotting out their versions of the saison, a light ale crafted during the wintertime especially for quaffing on hot summer days.

You don’t have to be a craft beer lover to enjoy a saison. While most saisons can be characterized as fruity but not especially sweet, American brewers are all over the map with their styles. Even so, all saisons are designed to offer a refreshing experience during the hot summer months. We’ve pulled a sampling of these easygoing ales for your pleasure.

beers2_lp1. Saison Dupont Let’s start with the standard-setting classic from Belgium, which has been brewed in La Brasserie Dupont’s farm brewing in wintertimes since 1844.

2. Hennepin (Farmhouse Saison) From Brewery Ommegang in New York, this full-bodied saison offers a hearty, hoppy taste.

3. Saison Rue This California favorite is available year-round.

4. Le Merle This Belgian-style pale ale comes from North Coast Brewing in California.

5. Witch’s Wit A wheat ale with grapefruit, orange, and coriander, this light-bodied brew from The Lost Abbey brewery makes a great summertime refreshment.

6. Noble Rot Here’s where we run off the path entirely with the addition of two different types of wine grapes — a unique blending of the worlds of beer and wine.

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